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6S1B Update

July and early August have been good to the Revolution. A win against the Galaxy, a draw in Philly, an undefeated (thus far) SuperLiga bid that has them bound for the tournament’s finals later this month. Throw in a solid Steve Ralston send-off and you have what makes for the best month for New England in 2010 so far, by far.

Unfortunately, 6S1B has been around to cover roughly none of it. Frankly, I’ve been completely exhausted by my current day job and when I have gotten the opportunity to write (which has been rare), it’s been about the Red Sox over at my personal blog. When 6S1B was at its peak, I was able to cover everything very quickly. Unfortunately, that was the product of the life of leisure afforded an unemployed undergrad.

Well, come September I will be a sometimes-employed grad student and aim to be back to it with the site. We’ll be back regardless, but as I’ve noted, I could really use some help to put the site over the top. So if you want to do some writing for us or if you know somebody who might like to, please, please feel invited to contact me at adamtvaccaro@gmail.com. If instead you’re just here to read, that’s great and I definitely appreciate it, but without help the site probably won’t be top notch. In such a case, it will probably be mostly opinion and columns with game stories mixed in, but we’ll deal with that when the time comes — I’m thinking out loud a bit.

In any case, the nature of this post is just to inform all of you that we’re not done and we will be back, and to ask you to stay tuned. We were doing very well for a while and we appreciate all of the support. Keep it coming in the next couple of months because we definitely plan to get back to it.

See you in the fall.


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