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According to the Revolution (who would know best), Steve Ralston will be re-donning his number 14 uniform. Sainey Nyassi will pick up number 17. No word yet on exactly how Ralston fits in — we don’t really have to worry, I suppose, for a few weeks — on the Revs’ current incarnation, but I doubt he’s coming back to ride the pine. The locker room presence angle is an important one, but I imagine he’ll see plenty of time on the field as well.

Sorry for so little coverage today (twenty hour work days warrant such acts, or lack thereof really, and it’s very tough to update a blog from a phone…) but we’ll have more on what this means for the Revs in the coming days. It might be World Cup season, but don’t stop coming by — we’ll have plenty of content during the season’s intermission.

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