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Revolution COO responded to fan questions at revolutionsoccer.net yesterday. He had a lot of interesting things to say, covering topics like public transportation, media coverage, and potential branding opportunities, but of the utmost:

There were a number of questions about the stadium, and I’m happy to say there has been some progress since the last round of public questions on the topic.

Getting the team into a soccer stadium of its own remains a top priority for our organization. With the decision regarding the MBTA’s Green Line maintenance facility in Somerville in place, we have re-launched the process of examining that area as a stadium site. We were in a holding pattern for a bit while the city and MBTA worked out the details of the facility. During the next few months our architects and engineers will be studying the area to determine if it is possible to build a soccer stadium on that site given the footprint of the maintenance facility and other existing structures.

In the last few months, we have also begun studying three additional sites around Boston’s metro core. These sites may not have been available to us in the past, but have recently shown potential interest in having our stadium.

To date, we have invested more than $1 million dollars in exploring new soccer stadium options, in addition to the efforts of multiple people in our organization, so we’re pressing the issue. We’ve seen the impact that an urban soccer stadium has made and we are committed to creating that environment here in New England.

While folks are sure to be skeptical of anything coming right from the top, Bilello’s directly mentioning Somerville as the primary site of interest may give fans a bit more hope than in the past. That’s the spot everyone’s had their eyes on and it seems to be the spot they want.

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With the Revs and the rest of MLS on break for another week before the end of the World Cup group stage, now seems like as good a time as any to discuss an issue not specifically related to the 2010 Revolution season. I’m talking, of course, about the long-term possibility — some might say necessity — of a soccer-specific stadium in New England.

There are two sets of reasons for an MLS team to build the big Triple-S. One is pure aesthetics: soccer is best played in a stadium designed for it, with the appropriate size and shape and fan-experience. The other group of reasons is financial: A team that owns its own stadium controls more of its gameday revenue than a team that rents its space from another entity. This second set is the reason I suspect we won’t see the Revs moving out of Gillette Stadium any time soon.


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by Adam Vaccaro

Coach Steve Nicol will lead the Revolution into the upcoming homestand.

Following their second straight loss in California, it’s sure to come as a relief to the New England Revolution that their next three matches will take place in Foxborough.  Over the course of the next two and a half weeks, the Revs will play host to the Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas, and Chivas USA, in that order.

Thus far, New England (2-2-0) has played only one home match, wherein they dominated Toronto FC by a score of 4-1 before an electric home crowd.  The schedule has not been kind to the club, though, having already sent it to twice to the west coast where both losses were recorded.  And it won’t get much easier following the homestand, either; this is the only three game stay the Revs will see this year and one of only four sets of back-to-back home games.


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