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MLSSoccer.net has this story today¬†about MLS life without a Reserve League through the prism of the Colorado Rapids. Of most note, unless, I suppose, you’re a Rapids fan:

Todd Durbin, EVP of Competition, Labor and Player Relations, told MLSsoccer.com that there is a technical committee currently charged with looking at this issue, and there is a chance that something akin to the reserve league could return in 2011.

Of course there should be a Reserve League. I’m surprised there’s not more online¬†outrage in response to its end. Baseball, basketball, and hockey all play their reserves plenty. The NFL may be comparable to MLS in how infrequently the back end of their rosters see action, but guess what? The NFL is arguably the world’s most successful professional league and is certainly tops in America. It can do whatever it wants.


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