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by Adam Vaccaro

As the Revolution are now 1/3 of the way through their MLS campaign and the blog a bit slow of late, I figured I’d throw together an assessment of the team’s individual players through the season’s first segment. The grades and assessments are based only on MLS play.

The grades are also weighted – the players are in competition with one another here, not with the rest of the league and certainly not with the rest of the soccer universe. Brief tangent: I never understood teachers/professors that didn’t weight grades. If nearly everyone has a C, then the kid who has the C+ did best in the class. So he should get the A. Right? Maybe I took too competitive an approach to school, though that wouldn’t explain all the nights I put off papers and studying to engage in whatever inane activity was to be undergone instead…

Right then. Here are the grades in ascending order of quality, because it’s more fun to write about those with whom one or one’s readership is pleased.


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